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Not on the money shot II

Interesting development on the Panasonic viral posted a couple of months ago – they’ve taken off the elephant scene and renamed the site


How do you convince your average consumer that your rather intimidating techie-looking camera is just what they need?

Old skool: tell them that it’s a lot easier than it looks, perhaps by depicting the camera being used by a recognisable simpleton – a monkey, small child or old lady would be fine,

New skool: pick a regular small town in middle America and give 200 regular people a camera to play with, then let them tell everyone how great it is.

Nikon’s brilliant D40 Picturetown campaign has simply and effectively created a bunch of passionate advocates to sell the product simply and effectively.



Creativity Awards

Creativity magazine has announced the winners of it’s innaugural Creativity awards. Of course the work is great, but what makes it more interesting is the explanations from some of the people behind the campaigns. Check out the Axe Gamekillers and TBWA’s Combo’s Man Mom campaigns.

Ooh err


The UK’s premier purveyor of naughtiness is upsetting that nice Mr. Jobs by ripping off not only Apple’s signature branding but its iconic silhouette campaign.


According to Ann Summers the iGasm connects to any music player and offers users an erotic vibrating treat in time to the beat. “Go at it hard and fast with a pounding drum ‘n’ bass track or chill with an ambient classic.”

If you want to see more, go here…

How not to do it

There’s a great post over on TechnologyEvangelist about Budweiser’s failing online TV network, including a wise assessment of where they went wrong and some great advice on how to do better.

‘ was doomed from the start. It attempted to build buzz around something not very buzzworthy, spent WAY too much money to ever be profitable in the imagined time frame, and generally used content created for pay by people who didn’t drink Bud except at client meetings.’