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How do you convince your average consumer that your rather intimidating techie-looking camera is just what they need?

Old skool: tell them that it’s a lot easier than it looks, perhaps by depicting the camera being used by a recognisable simpleton – a monkey, small child or old lady would be fine,

New skool: pick a regular small town in middle America and give 200 regular people a camera to play with, then let them tell everyone how great it is.

Nikon’s brilliant D40 Picturetown campaign has simply and effectively created a bunch of passionate advocates to sell the product simply and effectively.



Branded Bars


Heineken has opened up a branded bar in Hong Kong International Airport. I think this is a really smart move – in most cases Heineken is dependent on bar owners/operators to serve its beer alongside a plethora of other drinks; by completely owning the bar, the whole experience becomes a Heineken one, enabling them to deepen consumer relationships with the brand by building an environment around it which is much more holistic than just the drinking experience. And airports are a perfect choice because so often airport bars are pretty grim places, so a cool bar will really stand out – it also ties in very neatly with the current campaign line ‘Meet You There’. To an extent Guinness has been doing this for years with whole ‘Irish Pub’ thing – but there it is always an ‘Oirish’ experience rather than a pure Guinness experience.

Nice Interactive Ad

Adverbox spotted this great anti-dandruff shampoo site – a clever way of grabbing attention and driving interaction. Thanks to Spencer for the link.