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Not on the money shot II

Interesting development on the Panasonic viral posted a couple of months ago – they’ve taken off the elephant scene and renamed the site


Meanwhile, over on the cold fizzy drinks side of the business, there’s a new online campaign for Coke Zero. It’s about as funny as constipation. How does this stuff get through?


Not On The Money (Shot)

This viral for Panasonic Viera dropped into my in-box yesterday. At first I thought it had to be a spoof – I mean, bloke gets elephant money shot out of TV… But then I checked the website It’s legitimate. Which scares me for a number of reasons. Firstly, someone actually got paid for making this rubbish – mind you, it does serve as a great example of how easy it is to go wrong with a viral video, so perhaps it was worth it. Secondly – and more frighteningly – someone, somewhere fairly senior in Panasonic UK must have approved this, which means that they must have thought that this would actually add value to the brand – presumably by demonstrating their understanding of ‘Nuts’ humour. For me this really oversteps the line and is just plain crass. When Ford (sorry, Ogilvy) did it with the SportKa decapitating the cat it was sick, but it was funny – and completely in keeping with the image they were trying to project for the brand (the evil twin) – it was just a shame that Ford didn’t have the balls to follow it through. With this ad the gag is too forced – it has no relation to the product or the brand and is trying to make the brand relevant by being ‘one of the lads’ – and, as is so often the case, a miss is as good as a mile. Not only is it not funny, I think it devalues the Panasonic brand by trying too hard.