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Creativity Awards

Creativity magazine has announced the winners of it’s innaugural Creativity awards. Of course the work is great, but what makes it more interesting is the explanations from some of the people behind the campaigns. Check out the Axe Gamekillers and TBWA’s Combo’s Man Mom campaigns.

Ooh err


The UK’s premier purveyor of naughtiness is upsetting that nice Mr. Jobs by ripping off not only Apple’s signature branding but its iconic silhouette campaign.


According to Ann Summers the iGasm connects to any music player and offers users an erotic vibrating treat in time to the beat. “Go at it hard and fast with a pounding drum ‘n’ bass track or chill with an ambient classic.”

If you want to see more, go here…

Brand Manifestos

The splendid Hugh MacLeod at Gapingvoid posted an interesting brand manifesto from which we can all learn (crib). Whilst it is specifically for his Windhoek Wine brand, many of his tenets are applicable to most businesses or clients – if only I could get many of my clients to understand number 8: ‘It’s just wine (whisky, a phone – whatever) people’ we’d make so much more progress. Read. Learn. Crib.zzzzzz7654256.jpg

Another Nail In The Coffin

Much has been made in the blogosphere over the last few weeks about John Lowery’s suggestion that blogging is killing planning – Richard Huntington’s discussion of it over on Adliterate is an excellent and considered discussion.

Which makes it the perfect time to launch yet another Planners’ blog – if only to put another couple of nails in the e-coffin of our profession (if that’s what it is…).